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Pontus Wallstén is a Freelance photographer and filmaker, who started photography at the age of 8, with a small microfilm camera he obtained by collecting points on cereal boxes.
since then, his interest in photography, and cameras has grown, as has his wildlife interest. Wildlife which he loves capturing on film (and digital) all over the world. With a completed BA in Film and TV production at the university of Westminster in London, he has also widened his photographic subjects to include people and film production stills.
He is based in Geneva, Switzerland, a region which he grew up in and loves, believing that it is there that the expression "living in a postcard" takes on its full meaning. He has a masters degree in journalism from the university of Neuchatel, in Switzerland.

Pontus Wallstén has a wide range of lenses and camera bodies as well as video cameras and super 8 cameras, for a wide range of film and photography work.

Pontus Wallstén est un photographe et caméraman freelance, basé en Suisse, à Genève, avec un BA en production audiovisuelle. Malgré un intérét spécifique lié à la nature, Pontus Wallstén a également élargi son domaine pour photographier des événements ou encore des personnes ou des tournages. Pontus Wallstén possède également un master en journalisme de l'universitée de Neuchatel en Suisse.

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